* When inquiring about a cat or kitten note that all standing with Contract, one of us will be Co-owner in the register.

* For Pet Kittens are delivered from 3 months of age and have been
sterilized without exception before going to their new home , cats for
breeding or show from 4- 5 months or after final new teeth

* Once a cat is RESERVED , the reserve money will NOT be refundable
for any reason, if the person who reserved the cat decides not to stay
with him, will lose the deposit or must wait another cat.

In the event that the cat is early reserved and its evolution does not
fulfill the expectations of the new owner or the cattery , NO money
will be refunded and in this case will wait another cat when the
cattery has availability .

* DCLASS reserves the right to refund the money in any "Deposit" if
for some reason choose not to set the final sale to the new owner.



If you want to ask about someone DCLASS kitten, please contact me:

Jhon Betancur: jhonbetancur2016@gmail.com


 (057)  3113624802 - - COLOMBIA (South America)




PET QUALITY : Those cats that cattery established must be neutralized
to be house pets.

BREEDER QUALITY : Those cats with a fantastic pedigree and potential
to breed excellent Show Quality cats type depending knowledge and
mates make its new owner. Cats sold as breeding quality may NOT be
exhibited in cat shows, unless its evolution and development, DCLASS
considers be able to be presented.

SHOW QUALITY: Those cats with fantastic pedigree and great potential
to reproduce excellent show quality cats. Depending on excellent care
of its owner, the preferences of the judges by race, etc. A quality
Cat Show could get major titles as GC , SGC , IC, or even better.

TOP SHOW QUALITY: We don´t classify cats in this quality, we think a
Top Show Cat is a Cat Show with excellent care and excellent
presentation to the judges of their owner